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Considering the professional blockchain developers for hire for your upcoming project? Uvik is here to help! Our best hiring consultants can help you to find dedicated blockchain developers based on your preferences, requirements, and business goals and get started in the shortest time possible. We thoroughly review each of the candidates to ensure they feature deep expertise in the crypto niche and can benefit your business’ successful development and growth from day one.
Our Blockchain
Uvik top engineers can bring security and transparency to your project through a variety of services, including blockchain consulting and POC, dApp development, smart contracts development, decentralized exchange solutions, stablecoin development, blockchain wallet development, and more.

Additionally, Uvik’s developers feature extensive domain expertise, a quick and agile development process, and full data integrity, ensuring the secure and efficient blockchain development of any project entrusted.

We Offer Hiring Various Blockchain Developers

Uvik offers dedicated blockchain developers expertised in multiple technologies. Discover the list of our most popular services and technologies we currently offer for outsourcing.

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Custom Blockchain Solutions

Our team has years of expertise working with custom blockchain development projects of different complexity, scope, and industry focus, which helps us to deliver the most powerful solutions for different businesses.

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Expert Blockchain Consultants

Uvik experts assist in building powerful strategies for blockchain firms, offering the most profitable advancements in crypto that can optimize business efficiency and help in their successful implementation.

Hire Blockchain Developers Within 2-3 Days - 3

Blockchain Cryptocurrency Developers

We provide high-end cryptocurrency developers and engineers with decent expertise in front-end, back-end development, app design, and maintenance, who can deliver custom applications based on your requirements and business goals.

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Blockchain Wallets Developers

Uvik engineers can create crypto wallet software solutions for mobile or desktop use, which are easy to use, functional, and feature an outstanding system security level.

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HyperLedger & Multichain Developers

We can build decentralized app solutions using HyperLedger Fabric and multichain technologies that ideally work for your project or business.

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Ethereum App

Our team has deep knowledge in developing cross-device Ethereum-based applications with multiple industry focus. No matter whether it’s a game or cryptocurrency, we’ll get you covered!

Technologies & Tools We Use

Once you hire a blockchain developer at Uvik, you’ll get expert support to construct ready-to-market solutions for all major blockchain platforms and cryptosystems, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger, and many others.

Currently, we’re working with technologies such as Python, React JS, React Native, Goland, Django, and Flask. However, we can also help you to find talents with more specific expertise in crypto solutions.

React JS
React Native

Our Engagement Models to Hire
Blockchain Developers

At Uvik, we offer remote blockchain developers for hire with the most relevant expertise and at the most reasonable cost. Our flexible hiring models can fit different businesses and companies, helping them to successfully launch startups to large-scale projects.

Choose the most suitable model to hire blockchain experts based on your budget and developer involvement: full-time, part-time, or hourly option. If required, you can also request help during the consultation, and our HR assistants will gladly assist in choosing the right hiring model for your project based on its development specifics.

Full-time Part-time Hourly
Time 40 h/week 20–30 h/ week Depending on the project
Biling Monthly Monthly Hourly
Min. period One month One month 140 h

Why Hire Blockchain Developers from Uvik

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Access to World’s Top-Rated Talents
Uvik has accumulated an extensive number of experienced blockchain developers ready to get started on the new project right away. With years of experience working in talent acquisition, augmentation, and outsourcing, our firm can help you to hire the most relevant expert with the best expertise in the cryptocurrency industry.
Hire Blockchain Developers Within 2-3 Days - 8
Collaborate with Crypto Professionals
For each of our clients, we provide dedicated blockchain app developers that are skillful and passionate about their field of operation and always track the latest tech trends and solutions in the crypto world. This opens up a lot of opportunities to deliver high-end products and reach the most ambitious goals.
Hire Blockchain Developers Within 2-3 Days - 9
Quick Hires & Seamless Onboarding
Once you request to hire blockchain consultants at Uvik, our team immediately starts the talent acquisition process and can deliver the first candidate options in as fast as 1-2 weeks. This helps to quickly fill in the talent gaps and get started on the project in the shortest time frame.

Case Studies: We Deliver Value

Development of an Online Yearbook Creator
The Challenge
The client needed a robust online platform for designing and producing digital yearbooks with high functionality and user interaction capabilities.
Solution Provided
Our specialist developed a comprehensive graphic editor UI, user interfaces for managing yearbook elements, and a GraphQL API for efficient data management and integration with third-party services.
Value Delivered
Delivered a high-quality, user-friendly online yearbook creator that enhanced operational efficiency and user experience, now used daily by thousands of students.
Learn more
Streaming Platform Development for Enhanced Public Engagement in Norway
The Challenge
Developing a user-friendly streaming platform that supported multiple camera angles and Norwegian language features, including speech-to-text
Solution Provided
Developed a comprehensive streaming solution and a public portal that allowed viewers to engage with content seamlessly without the need for account creation.
Learn more
Enhancing an LMS System for a Leading EdTech Provider
The Challenge
The client's existing LMS, built on outdated technologies, posed security risks and limited scalability and performance. It required a comprehensive update to modern standards to enhance security and meet increasing customer demands.
Solution Provided
UVIK designed a robust solution to modernize the existing LMS system, making it secure and scalable. The upgrade plan included enhancements to the technology stack, security protocols, and system performance to support the client’s educational objectives.
Learn more

Our Awards

Uvik is a well-known IT staff augmentation agency that has been delivering the tech talents of diverse expertise for years. Our clients are reputable companies from retail, hospitality, IT, software engineering, and many other industries that have achieved new heights with our top-rated blockchain experts.

Keep on reading to discover their experience working with us and the new heights they’ve achieved!

How to Hire Dedicated Blockchain Developers with UVIK

After you request hiring the blockchain experts from our agency, our skillful recruitment team starts searching for the most relevant candidates that ideally work for your business needs. Overall, this process consists of a few steps, which are explained below.

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Send Your Request

Request a consultation from the Uvik consultancy center to schedule a meeting and discuss the requirements for your ideal developer persona and budget expectations.
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Sign the NDA

We highly value our client’s privacy, which is why we offer the NDA document signature to secure sensitive data and any project-related details. Afterward, we start the talent acquisition process based on your application request.
Hire Blockchain Developers Within 2-3 Days - 15

Review the Candidates’ Profiles

Uvik experts deliver a list of potential candidates with detailed information about their working experience, skillset, availability, and other details so you could find the best matches. Then, you can choose as many candidates for the interview as required to find the right expert.
Hire Blockchain Developers Within 2-3 Days - 16

Start Your Project

When the documentation is all set, it’s time to finally start developing your custom blockchain project. You’ll have full control under the hired experts, but if you need any assistance or troubleshooting – our experts are here to help set up a smooth and efficient workflow.
Hire Blockchain Developers Within 2-3 Days - 17

Sign the Contract

Discuss the cooperation details with Uvik managers and sign the contract to get the desired crypto experts hired. Our agency handles all the aspects to set up a productive remote workflow for your new employees.
Hire Blockchain Developers Within 2-3 Days - 18

Interview Your Potential Employees

Arrange the interviews and test assignments to find out the strong sides of the selected candidates and define who better matches your current needs. Stay sure to get Uvik’s expert assistance in all the organizational moments.

Frequently Asked Questions

What technologies are your blockchain developers working on?

Our blockchain developers have profound expertise in a wide range of tech stacks, including Python, Golang, React JS, React Native, Django, Flask, API, and DevOps development. Therefore, you’ll be able to find an expert with the required tech background for your crypto project.

Do you share the resumes of your blockchain developers?

Yes. Our hiring experts find out the key information from the resumes of the most relevant candidates and provide you with the list of developers, covering their skill set, experience, and project background. Also, you can request any add-on information from our recruiters to make the best hiring decision.

Can I change the blockchain developer if something doesn't suit me?

If you think the selected candidate doesn’t correspond to the desired level of skills, you can always contact Uvik specialists for troubleshooting this issue. Our experts will thoroughly analyze the request and provide you with a new candidate to join your project.

How much does it cost to hire blockchain developers at Uvik?

The pricing for blockchain development services at Uvik is calculated for each client individually. Overall, it is based on the project’s complexity, the number of developers, and their expertise, as well as the model of cooperation.

To find out the cost of your blockchain solution development, request a quote from Uvik’s best augmentation experts. Our crew will help you to find the most efficient development model at a reasonable cost and create a powerful cooperation strategy that ideally matches your business.

Will I have complete control over the hired blockchain developers?

Once you get the new employees onboarded, you’re guaranteed to gain full control over your remote team. Assign the tasks and track deadlines, schedule meetings, and set KPIs to maximize workflow efficiency and enhance the project’s development progress. However, if you need any help with organizational hassles, Uvik experts are always here to tackle any problems and ensure fruitful cooperation with new team members.

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