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Need to fast-track your software development outsourcing? Seeking top-tier talent with niche skills?
UVIK, a software development outsourcing company, is at your service. A leading expert in data science, AI for business, and machine learning, we will help you quickly scale your digital teams and accelerate project implementation while ensuring a high level of quality.

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Generative AI Consulting Services
With our deep expertise in the field, we offer both practical and ethical solutions to your problems. Boost the productivity of your business with the help of new technologies!
Get AI consultation now
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Full-Stack Web Development
Hire well-worked together teams of full-stack developers (Python + React/React Native), topped up with experienced project managers. Build great web and mobile products from scratch, hassle-free.
Hire Full-Stack Engineers
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Data Science
Unlock the potential of your data with UVIK's Data Science and AI engineers. We specialize in harnessing the power of advanced analytics, machine learning (ML), and generative artificial intelligence (AI) implementation.
Hire Data Engineer
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AI/ML Outsourcing & Consulting
Are you looking to discuss your data-based ideas with industry experts? We can do that, and then we have skilled engineers in AI for business and machine learning to staff up your teams.
Get AI/ML Consultation
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Dedicated Development Teams
Need a turnkey team to jump on your project? No problem. You can get the whole team, including all the required specialists, infrastructure and a dedicated manager for a seamless process.
Hire Dedicated Team
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CTO As a Service
Receive the strategic guidance and technical expertise of a Chief Technology Officer without the long-term commitment and high cost of a full-time leadership executive.
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How Does the Outsourcing Happen?

Outsourcing your IT projects is a streamlined and efficient process with UVIK. We designed the protocols to ensure that your back-end development, front-end development, data engineering, and data science projects are straightforward and tailored to you, specifically.

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Send the Requirements
Share your project vision with us. Detailing your needs allows us to lay out the roadmap and define the exact team to onboard on your project.
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Sign the NDA
Upon reviewing your needs, we will reach out to discuss your project. We prioritize your security and confidentiality, offering to sign an NDA from the outset.
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Get the Project Assessment
Our experts plan the resources, steps, and timeline for your project and send you the roadmap with all milestones, expected deliverables, and functionality.
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Start the Project
With the contract signed, your dedicated account manager will take care of all logistics for a swift kick-off and immediate productivity boost.
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Sign the Contract
Once you're happy with the expected timeline, deliverables, and team, we'll finalize the details of our collaboration by signing a clear and concise contract.
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Settle the Details
We will have meetings to discuss all the details. Our specialists will consult you on the best technologies and solutions to create exactly what you envision.

Pros of Getting Your IT Staff from UVIK

Whether you are a startup or an established company, we as a software development outsourcing partner can adapt to your changing needs while ensuring top quality.

01. Get A-players
We only provide professional developers who have been UVIK’s employees for over a year. So they come to you fully vetted, need minimal ramp-up time, and have a track record of delivering swift results.
02. Scale Fast and Easy
Our model allows expanding your team with remote developers whenever your project demands, and then reducing it painlessly. Forget about delaying the work due to a lack of skilled staff.
03. Save Up to 60%
Paying only for the hours each developer has worked on your app or project allows companies to save up to 60% in comparison to search and hiring new full-time employees.
04. Command Your Project
You maintain direct communication with your remote team at all times. Daily code reviews and retrospectives allow you to control each stage of the project.
05. Employ motivated devs
We nurture long-term relationships with team members, most of whom have been with us for years. Their loyalty and motivation translate into a commitment to excellence for your projects.
06. Control your budget
We accurately estimate the timeframe and avoid budget overruns. You can dial the number of dedicated developers for your project up or down on the go, as required.

Case Studies: We Deliver Value

From Risk to Reliability: Uvik's Contribution to a Germany’s Startup's AI Compliance Platform
The Challenge
The startup needed to create a system for analyzing AI models to evaluate risks and compliance effectively.
Solution Provided
Uvik developed the AI Curator System, capable of testing AI models, recognizing idioms, and analyzing risk costs.
Value Delivered
The system provided precise AI risk assessments, empowering the startup to showcase its capabilities to potential investors effectively.
Learn more
Revolutionizing E-commerce with Predictive Analytics and ML
The Challenge
The client aimed to leverage their extensive sales data to anticipate customer preferences and improve product recommendations.
Solution Provided
Uvik developed a cutting-edge analytical platform tailored to the client's unique requirements
Value Delivered
The implementation of the analytical platform transformed the client's e-commerce approach
Learn more
Development of an Online Yearbook Creator
The Challenge
The client needed a robust online platform for designing and producing digital yearbooks with high functionality and user interaction capabilities.
Solution Provided
Our specialist developed a comprehensive graphic editor UI, user interfaces for managing yearbook elements, and a GraphQL API for efficient data management and integration with third-party services.
Value Delivered
Delivered a high-quality, user-friendly online yearbook creator that enhanced operational efficiency and user experience, now used daily by thousands of students.
Learn more

Our tech stack

We at UVIK build up the knowledge and capabilities to provide your software development projects with innovative tech solutions. You can onboard our data science, AI/ML engineering, DevOps, or full-stack teams, proficient in Python, React.js, React Native, and any other language you may need:

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What Our Clients Say

Our teams get praise for the efficiency, accuracy, and swiftness.

Competent and Quality Engineers

“UVIK Software continues to deliver excellent work and be productive. They followed the internal team’s process, worked agilely, and used Asana to ensure a smooth workflow.”
Eric Stone
Eric Stone
CTO, Community Connect Labs

People Who Know What They’re Doing

“The talent of their team is what stands out the most to me. When you’re developing software, the most important component is that you’re working with people who know what they’re doing and can get the job done.”
Danny Tijerina
Danny Tijerina
COO, VantagePoint

Self-Sufficient Team

“The team is completely self-sufficient, and I haven’t needed to dedicate anyone to oversee them. They’ve become a mirror team to my developers in the US.”
James Sim
James Sim
CEO, Drakontas LLC

Real People. Real Results

Hear Why Our Customers Love UVIK
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Why Outsource Your Project to UVIK?

You already know why you need a software development partner, and here’s why you want it to be UVIK.

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Hassle-free Work Unit
Managing the administrative aspects of setting up a software team can be too much. We’ll get it covered! You don’t have to worry about paperwork, team setup, or payroll operations.
Data and IT Development for Tomorrow's Tech, Today - 56
Deep Expertise
UVIK stands out as a specialist in data engineering, data science, AI, ML, and Python development. This means clients don’t just get work done; they get experts who are deeply skilled in specific areas.
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Flexibility On-the-go
Business needs can change quickly. UVIK’s flexible approach lets clients adjust their projects, building up easily and efficiently, making sure they’re always delivering what is needed.
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Quick Action
In IT projects, time is everything. UVIK’s streamlined processes mean faster briefing, onboarding, and kick-off, so projects can start quickly and follow the desired schedule.
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Precise Tech Stack for Your Needs
Does your app or platform demand a custom tech stack? We will help to define the tools and frameworks which suit your goals perfectly, and then provide them.
Data and IT Development for Tomorrow's Tech, Today - 60
Free Account Management
UVIK offers more than just staffing. It provides full support throughout a project, ensuring that clients feel understood, looked after, and empowered from start to finish.


What is AI/ML Outsourcing?
AI/ML outsourcing refers to hiring external service providers to handle tasks related to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) rather than managing those internally. This can include services from developing AI models, processing and analyzing datasets, to integrating AI functionalities into systems.
How Can I Control the Remote Team?
The members of your remote team will be plugged into your systems. They will participate in daily standups, following your regular workflow. Your dedicated customer success manager will smooth out your cooperation.
What Time Zone Do You Work in?
Our developers are available 8 AM to 8 PM EST so there will be substantial business-day overlap between time zones no matter where you are. We can match the working hours of our team according to your schedule preference.
How Much Does Project Outsourcing Cost?
The price can be set up for the whole project, yet it is more often defined by T&M (time and materials) model. Developer’s hourly rates are calculated individually, based on whether you hire full-stack engineers or a professional in more specific areas. The average price tag varies from $50 to $99 per hour. Compared to its competitors, the UVIK team features really attractive rates for the services delivered.
What Is the Difference Between Project Outsourcing and CTO-as-a-service?
Project outsourcing and CTO-as-a-Service (CTOaaS) are both forms of IT outsourcing, but they cater to different needs. Project outsourcing is for companies looking to complete specific projects, while CTO-as-a-Service provides strategic technology leadership, helping companies shape their overall technology strategy and manage their IT resources more effectively.
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