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Do you want to speed up the development of your software? Or, perhaps, you look for professionals with specific skills? No need to get stuck with a tiring recruitment process! UVIK, an IT staff augmentation company, will find you top-notch specialists in a couple of weeks or even less. Don’t worry about the required infrastructure or the GDPR — we will get everything covered!

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IT Staff Augmentation
Services We Provide

You will get top-level talents with the competencies you need.

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Back-End Web Development
You will find Python and Django developers almost in the blink of an eye. IT staff augmentation from UVIK allows scaling your team with ease. On top of that, we take the burden of administrative routine off your shoulders.
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Front-End Web Development
Get the experts in React.js to build a great front-end — with our help! At the same time, you retain full control over your team and keep your spending in check.
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Dedicated Development Teams
You can get the whole team of software engineers tailored to your project. It will include all the required specialists, both front-end and back-end. Use staff augmentation and work directly with them, using the infrastructure we provide. A dedicated manager will make the process seamless.
Hire Dedicated Team
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Cross-Platform Mobile Development
Find excellent React Native experts to enhance cross-platform mobile application development. Save yourself the trouble of maintaining separate teams for iOS and Android.
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Optimize your business with a full range of DevOps and development services. Cloud migration, virtualization, containerization, server administration, infrastructure management, and maintenance are just a few of them.
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How to Augment Your Existing Software Team?

Working with IT staffing services you can extend your in-house team in a few simple steps. We can start with finding back-end engineers who are experts in Python. Then we can proceed with front-end specialists.

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Send the Requirements
Before you augment staff, describe your needs so we can understand which specialists are required.
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Sign the NDA
Our IT staff augmentation company will contact you after analyzing your request. We can sign an NDA to ensure the highest level of confidentiality.
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Get Developer’s Profiles
Our recruiters select resumes according to agreed requirements. You select whom you want to interview.
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Start the Project
When the contract is signed, we provide your remote developers with fully-equipped workstations. Our specialists take care of the onboarding process to ensure smooth team augmentation.
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Sign the Contract
After you’ve selected the specialists to extend your team, we agree upon the conditions of our further cooperation.
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Conduct Interviews
You can arrange as many rounds of interviews as you need using any interview tools.

Benefits of IT Staff Augmentation

IT staff augmentation allows you to save resources and forget about scaling issues.

01. Get A-players
All engineers you hire are UVIK employees with years of experience. They require a very short ramp-up time and will deliver the results you need really quickly.
02. Scale fast and easy
You can rely on the remote developers we provide to expand your team whenever you want. No need to delay the project or risk the quality.
03. Save up to 60%
With your software IT-augmented team, you will pay only for the hours each developer has actually worked on your project. This will save you up to 60% in comparison to hiring new full-time employees.
04. Oversee your project
You maintain direct contact with your remote team. Daily code reviews and retrospectives allow you to control each stage of the project.
05. Get the highly motivated devs
We nurture long-term relationships with team members. Most of our employees have been with us for a long time and will do their best while working on your project and remaining a reliable partner.
06. Control your budget
We accurately estimate the timeframe and avoid budget overruns. You can change the number of dedicated developers for your project if required.
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Case Studies: We Deliver Value

Python Engineers Team Extension for Data Protection Platform
The Challenge
Our client was looking for additional Python/Django developers to team up with whenever the company didn’t have enough resources.
Team Provided
2 Python developers, 1 Angular developer, and 2 Devops Engineers.
Value Delivered
We helped to develop an ERP platform and provided IT support for ongoing projects.
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Providing Python Team Extension for Collaboration Software Platform
The Challenge
Our client required top-level software developers with experience in cybersecurity.
Team Provided
2 senior Python/Pyramid developers.
Value Delivered
We assisted the client in moving the data protection platform from MVP to an early-stage beta version.
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Python Team Extension for Legal Operations Management Platform
The Challenge
The client was seeking developers with niche-relevant experience to upgrade the backend architecture of the platform and boost its performance.
Team Provided
3 Python developers
Value Delivered
Uvik developers helped the client with setting up PyTest test coverage and successfully migrated the platform from Python 2 to Python 3.
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Our tech stack

Hire our augment development team to create outstanding software with a wide selection of state-of-the-art technologies. As part of the IT staff augmentation services, you can get a helping hand from Python, React.js, React Native developers, or DevOps specialists who are familiar with:

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What our clients say

Testimonials from clients we've helped to build cutting-edge products.

Competent and Quality Engineers

“UVIK Software continues to deliver excellent work and be productive. They followed the internal team’s process, worked agilely, and used Asana to ensure a smooth workflow.”
Eric Stone
Eric Stone
CTO, Community Connect Labs

People Who Know What They’re Doing

“The talent of their team is what stands out the most to me. When you’re developing software, the most important component is that you’re working with people who know what they’re doing and can get the job done.”
Danny Tijerina
Danny Tijerina
COO, VantagePoint

Self-Sufficient Team

“The team is completely self-sufficient, and I haven’t needed to dedicate anyone to oversee them. They’ve become a mirror team to my developers in the US.”
James Sim
James Sim
CEO, Drakontas LLC
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Why Augment Your Team With UVIK?

Software development staff augmentation with UVIK can be a lifesaver in various situations.

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Avoid administrative hassle
Managing the administrative aspects of setting up a software team is too much? We’ll get it covered! You don’t have to worry about paperwork, team setup, and payroll operations.
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Get Senior-Level Engineers
Looking for skilled and experienced developers? All of our engineers are top-level experts with years of experience.
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Reduce Cost
Do you wish to reduce development costs while maintaining a high quality of work? Our IT staff augmentation services will allow you to achieve that.
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Kick-off Quickly
Do you spend a lot of time looking for developers? With UVIK, you will augment software development and get the professional you need in just 7-14 days.
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Get Exactly The Tech Stack you Need
Does your project demand a custom tech stack? We will use the tools and frameworks which suit your goals perfectly.
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Scale Up and Down Easily
Do you need to expand your team? With UVIK, you get the IT specialists your business requires as it grows or changes.


What is IT Staff Augmentation?
Staff augmentation is a flexible way to hire skilled IT resources from outside your company and manage them as part of your internal IT team. These resources are employed directly by a staff augmentation vendor, thus eliminating the cost and hassle of hiring full-time staff members.
How Can I Control the Remote Team?
The members of your remote team will be plugged into your systems. They will participate in daily standups, following your regular workflow. Your dedicated customer success manager will smooth out your cooperation.
What Time Zone Do You Work in?
Our developers are available 8 AM to 8 PM EST so there will be substantial business-day overlap between time zones no matter where you are. We can match the working hours of our team according to your schedule preference.
How Much Does Staff Augmentation Cost?
The hourly rates are calculated individually for each project, as they’re based on the clients’ objectives and needs, the average price tag varies from $50 to $99 per hour. Nevertheless, compared to its CEE competitors, the Uvik team features really attractive rates for the services delivered.
What is the difference between staff augmentation and managed services?
IT staff augmentation model assumes the only service commitment is hours of work. The outsourcing model (or managed services) assumes that the supplier assumes all the risks of meeting the service commitment.