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We formed UVIK in 2015, but we’ve been in the game for decades. We’ve worked with different companies around the globe and loved our time there. We have deep roots in Ukraine, but we often travel to meet our clients' teams abroad. We’re a close-knit crew, so when we find good people we tend to work with them for years.
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Our clients

We have longstanding collaborations with companies in several countries
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"Disciplined and tenacious, the team has an excellent work ethic."
James Sim
President & Co-Founder, Drakontas LLC

How we work

Our collaboration model depends on where your in-house team is located.
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Offshore staff augmentation

If your in-house team is located overseas such as in the USA, Canada, or Austalia, we will use the offshore staff augmentation model. Because of the time difference, we will adjust our schedules so we could be available during meetings. If you need to work around-the-clock on a specific task, we can code and solve issues while your onsite team is out of the office for the day.

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Nearshore staff augmentation

Our location in the center of Europe makes us a perfect match for our European-based clients. The time difference of only one or two hours is easy to handle. It also takes only a few hours to travel for face-to-face meetings. We are always available for online communication and video calls. Fluent English and cultural similarity will make our collaboration smooth and successful.

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