From Risk to Reliability: Uvik's Contribution to a Germany’s Startup's AI Compliance Platform

How Uvik Empowered a German Startup to Develop Cutting-Edge AI Risk Management and Compliance Solutions
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About the Client
The client is a Germany-based startup focused on technology and AI compliance within the AI risk management and compliance vertical. They specialize in developing AI-driven solutions that evaluate and mitigate the risks associated with AI implementations, striving to provide businesses with advanced tools to ensure safety and compliance.
The client sought a technology partner to assist in building a robust system capable of analyzing AI models to ensure they meet stringent compliance and risk assessment standards. They required a sophisticated system that could handle a variety of AI technologies, including Language Models (LM) and Computer Vision (CV), to analyze risks, evaluate compliance, and assess the cost of risks. The solution needed to integrate advanced testing, recognition of communication nuances, and financial impact analysis of potential AI model failures.
Company Profile:
Berlin, Germany
1-10 employees
Information Technology
AI Risk Management and Compliance
This startup specializes in developing AI-driven solutions for risk assessment and compliance in AI models. With a focus on leveraging advanced technologies, the company aims to equip businesses with tools to evaluate and mitigate risks associated with AI implementations. They address the growing need for robust compliance systems in the rapidly evolving tech landscape, particularly for applications involving sophisticated AI technologies like Language Models and Computer Vision.


The startup faced the challenge of creating a robust system capable of analyzing AI models for risks, evaluating compliance criteria, and assessing the cost of risks. The primary focus was not only on Language Model (LM) analysis, including Large Language Models (LLM), but also on Computer Vision (CV) and other models based on customer demand.
AI Curator System:
The first product is an AI testing system that analyzes AI models for risks, evaluates the cost of these risks, and ensures compliance with a set of criteria.
Sarcasm and Distortion Recognition:
The LLM component is designed to recognize idioms in conversations and the likelihood of distorted statements.
Risk Cost Analysis:
An analytical component allows human analysts to assign costs to every case of a binary confusion matrix, quantifying the financial and other possible impacts of errors.

Technologies we used

Python 3

Dual Product Development:

The project involved developing two interconnected products. The first system tests AI models, inputs information, and runs a set of tests to evaluate models. The second product calculates and represents the results of the first system's analysis.

Risk Profile Calculation:

The system calculates a risk profile for each model, assessing the probability of unusual behavior and potential impacts.


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Effective AI Model Testing:
The systems successfully test and analyze AI models, providing valuable insights into risk and compliance.
Business Proposition:
The startup offers a Proof of Value (POV) concept, enabling clients to conduct successful demos for potential investors.

Key Takeaways

This case study highlights Uvik's role in empowering a German startup to develop innovative AI compliance and risk analysis solutions. The project showcases Uvik's expertise in Python and data science, contributing to the creation of advanced tools that assist businesses in navigating the complexities of AI implementation. The startup's focus on both LLM and CV technologies positions it as a versatile player in the AI risk management and compliance sector.
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