10 Must-Listen Podcasts for CTOs in 2024

10 Must-Listen Podcasts for CTOs in 2024 - 1
Paul Francis

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    Millions of people listen to podcasts. Therefore, companies and experts are actively testing this format as a tool for promoting business and personal brands.

    Podcasts are also actively used in the field of CTO. Such broadcasts shed light on the key role of technical directors and provide a deeper understanding of their responsibilities, tasks, and strategies. These podcasts contain valuable information about new technologies and trends that technical directors should be aware of. Podcast participants share their experiences, offering valuable information to both novice and experienced technical directors.

    Listen to CTO podcasts from experts to grow your startup and lead your business to success! A pick of the best CTO audio content for today.

    So why do you need to hear these podcasts?

    1. Modern CTO

    10 Must-Listen Podcasts for CTOs in 2024 - 2

    Hosted by Joel Beasley, CEO of ProSeries Media, this, one of the best cto podcasts 2024, features insightful interviews with top technology leaders. Listeners can learn about emerging trends, leadership strategies (for example, as in CTO books), and effective methods for managing technical teams.

    Read books featured in our podcasts from this essential reading list for CTOs.

    1. Alphalist.CTO

    10 Must-Listen Podcasts for CTOs in 2024 - 3

    This podcast features interviews with tech executives and other technology leaders on topics such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, cyberspace, DevOps, web architecture, scaling, team structuring, mentoring, technical recruiting, product, etc.

    Guests from leading technology companies will share their best practices and knowledge.

    The purpose of these podcasts is to support other technical directors on their way in the field of technology and engineering, to inspire, and to give new opportunities.

    1. The CTO Podcast

    10 Must-Listen Podcasts for CTOs in 2024 - 4

    The CTO podcast, hosted by Etienne de Bruin, focuses on the problems of CTO, offering information on strategy, management, security, innovation, and more. You will learn how to meet deadlines, work harmoniously in a team, and continuously improve. Get specific advice for technical directors in difficult workflow cases.

    Meet your favorite podcast hosts at these leading CTO conferences.

    1. Startup Hustle

    10 Must-Listen Podcasts for CTOs in 2024 - 5

    Listen to a unique podcast for entrepreneurs created by entrepreneurs themselves. The purpose of such cto podcasts in 2024 is to tell the real stories of startups and entrepreneurs. The topics range from financing to failures and beyond. The expert Matt Watson, CEO of Full Scale, will tell you all the details.

    1. CXOTalk

    10 Must-Listen Podcasts for CTOs in 2024 - 6

    Find out how GardaWorld has combined customer service, operational excellence, and digital transformation with Zoho. In these CXO podcasts, you will receive valuable ideas for scaling sales, increasing efficiency, and developing your business.

    1. The CTO Advisor

    10 Must-Listen Podcasts for CTOs in 2024 - 7

    In the conversation, Keith discusses with colleagues the current state of corporate technology communities. As the hybrid cloud becomes a reality, the corporate IT community must learn to cope with it.

    From the CTO Adviser podcast, you will learn a lot of new useful information about the latest application developments before IT management and infrastructure architecture.

    1. The Tech Exec

    10 Must-Listen Podcasts for CTOs in 2024 - 8

    The online conversation is devoted to discussing the problems that modern technical directors, vice presidents, and other technology leaders often face. The experts in the studio will sort out the points on how to achieve increased efficiency in the work of autonomous teams.

    1. CTO Confessions

    10 Must-Listen Podcasts for CTOs in 2024 - 9

    In the CTO Confessions studio, experts will discuss the development of artificial intelligence and the future of generative models. You will learn from the speakers’ podcasts for cto about early research on neural networks.

    This podcast examines the potential of AI to improve understanding of complex issues through multimodal interfaces.

    1. Technovation Podcast

    10 Must-Listen Podcasts for CTOs in 2024 - 10

    A series of podcasts that are released twice a week and are dedicated to conversations with top managers and opinion leaders at the intersection of business, technology, and innovation. Each issue highlights the CTO trends that are transforming businesses and the leaders who are implementing digital change in their organizations.

    1. Geeks Who Lead

    10 Must-Listen Podcasts for CTOs in 2024 - 11

    From these podcasts, you will learn the living stories of real directors, vice presidents, and technical service directors. They have extensive management experience and will share their skills and mistakes with you. 

    This podcast is intended for engineering managers who want to learn the latest best practices from their colleagues!

    Top-List of CTO Podcasts 2024

    1. Modern CTO Podcast by Joel Beasley

    2. alphalist.CTO Podcast by Tobias Schlottke

    3. The CTO Podcast by Etienne de Bruin

    4. Startup Hustle Podcast by Matt Watson

    5. CXOTalk Podcast by Michael Krigsman

    6. The CTO Advisor Podcast by Keith Townsend

    7. The Tech Exec Podcast by Aviv Ben-Yosef

    8. CTO Confessions Podcast by TC Gill

    9. Technovation Podcast by Peter High

    10. Geeks Who Lead Podcast by Peter Bell

    Final Thoughts

    Podcasts are an effective way for CTOs to learn something new, get inspired and keep up to date with the latest trends and developments in the technology industry. Podcasts, as well as CTO conferences, can be especially valuable for tech directors, as they offer ideas, advice, and the points of view of experts and colleagues.

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