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Do you want to create a clean, fast, and user-friendly user interface? We have just remote React.js professionals for you! Our React JS developers will deliver the perfect result on time and at a fair rate. Choose your new team member from our vast talent pool.



React JS is a great library that allows building feature-reach user interfaces for websites and apps. Our React JS developers can build dynamic but very effective UIs with great design and usability and create the best user experience. 

Our dedicated React.js developers have taken part in numerous projects and they know exactly how to avoid common mistakes. They are also experienced enough to be very flexible in their work and dedicated enough to deeply care about every UI and bring it to perfection.

Technologies & Tools We Use

Other than the React JS library itself, our developers also have great knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and JavaScript XML. They also work with API, npm, Git, Babel, WebPack, and Redux. 

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Our React JS Hiring Models

At Uvik, you can either hire a ReactJS developer with an entire team (designers, testers, project managers, etc.) or easily integrate them into your existing workspace. You are also free to choose between full-time, part-time, and hourly-based hires.

Full-time Part-time Hourly
Time 40 h/week 20–30 h/ week Depending on the project
Biling Monthly Monthly Hourly
Min. period One month One month 140 h

Why Choose Uvik to Hire Dedicated React JS Developer?

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Access Broad Talent Pool

There is no need to focus on React.js professionals just in your area if you can choose from an entire world. At Uvik, you can hire a remote React.js development company with professionals with industry-specific experiences.
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Work With Dedicated Professionals

Our dedicated React developers do not just do their job, they are highly motivated and excited about every new project. They love challenges and will gladly help you to reach your most ambitious goals.
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Find Developers Quickly

We already have a database with all the React JS developers for hire, their skill sets, and previous experiences. When you turn to Uvik, we have all the profiles at hand, there is no need to start from scratch.
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Enjoy Straightforward Communication

All of our developers speak very good English, it is one of the selection criteria at Uvik. We also ensure that you can communicate with developers on your preferred platform as much as you feel the need to.
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Significantly Save Costs

You can save up to 60% with Uvik: we pay special attention to budget planning, do not ask for setup fees, and there are no other overhead costs involved.

Hire top React JS developers to build the best applications

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“Qualitatively, they have produced incredibly high-quality work so far. We have been completely satisfied with what they have delivered on that end. One big challenge you often face with engineers is the struggle for perfection at the expense of timelines, but that’s not something we have run into with UVIK Software at all.”

Case Studies: We Deliver Value

Python Engineers Team Extension for Data Protection Platform
The Challenge
Our client was looking for additional Python/Django developers to team up with whenever the company didn’t have enough resources.
Team Provided
2 Python developers, 1 Angular developer, and 2 Devops Engineers.
Value Delivered
We helped to develop an ERP platform and provided IT support for ongoing projects.
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Providing Python Team Extension for Collaboration Software Platform
The Challenge
Our client required top-level software developers with experience in cybersecurity.
Team Provided
2 senior Python/Pyramid developers.
Value Delivered
We assisted the client in moving the data protection platform from MVP to an early-stage beta version.
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Scaling Up the IT Department of a Web Development Agency with Uvik Engineers
The Challenge
The client needed to augment its in-house team with senior developers to speed up the creation of an internal ERP platform and support the development of ongoing projects.
Team Provided
2 Python developers and 1 Angular 2 developer
Value Delivered
Uvik engineers have assisted the client with the creation of a custom platform that automates routine billing processes.
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Client's Testimonials

At Uvik, we hire online React JS engineers with over 7 years of experience as we want to ensure the high quality of services provided. Due to the fact that we dedicate lots of efforts to vetting professionals, we've managed to collect numerous awards over the years of our existence. However, 5-stars reviews of our happy clients on Clutch are what we are proud of the most.

About Uvik

Uvik is an IT staff augmentation company that was created back in 2015 by a team of IT professionals from different companies around the globe. We wanted to help customers create their most ambitious projects quickly, qualitatively, and at a fair rate.

We always choose IT experts – software consultants,
full stack developers, designers, project managers, and testers – who are excited about their work and are eager to meet new challenges and discover new opportunities. Everyone on the team is passionate about new ideas and wants to give the best possible result. 

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How to Hire Our React JS Developer?

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Set Your Requirements

Let us know what kind of professionals you need and what front-end project you want to see.
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Sign an NDA

Let’s keep your idea confidential.
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Look Through Profiles

We will send you React.js programmers’ profiles that meet your criteria the best.
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Sign A Contract

When you find the right people, we can sign a contract with previously discussed conditions.
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Conduct Interviews

Learn more about the chosen candidates through one-on-one interviews.


What Is a React Developer?

A React JS developer is a person responsible for creating the user interface and its dynamic components in particular for websites and apps.

What’s Your Pricing Model?

Our developers work full-time, part-time, and on an hourly basis. If you choose the first two options, you will be billed monthly. The second option is per every 140 hours of work.

How Do I Track the Progress of My Project?

We offer direct communication with the team on the channel that you prefer. You can also hire a project manager so that they can keep track of themselves and give you short summaries.

Can I Hire ReactJS Developer for Hourly?

Yes, we have this option. The minimum period is 140 hours.