Django Consulting Company

Uvik is an innovative Django consulting agency, which features over a decade’s worth of expertise in developing various Django web applications, ensuring their stable, reliable, and secure performance for any business, regardless of its scope and objectives. No matter what goal you set, our team of experienced Django consultants can create and deliver the right solution for you and your business!

Django Consulting Services

Staff augmentation is one of the proven approaches to revamp your team, save money on software development and upgrade the internal workflow. That is why at Uvik, each Django consultant for your startup can analyze the performance of your company and effectively assist in:

Python Staff Augmentation
DevOps Staff Augmentation
React Native Staff Augmentation
React Staff Augmentation

Technologies & Tools We Use

When creating a personalized roadmap for your business development and growth, we utilize multiple fastest-growth, perspective programming languages, including:

React JS
React Native

Apart from the powerful programming technologies, our team employs the Django REST framework (DRF) – a library that works with standard Django models and is used for creating a flexible and productive API within the most reasonable time frames. What is more, to deliver the functional and efficient tech-driven solutions, we also implement the OAuth authorization framework – a modern standard for securing access to APIs, that can be implemented in multiple use cases. Therefore, if you are thinking of hiring Django consultants at Uvik, be sure that we use cutting-edge technology.

Our Django Consulting Model

Uvik is an IT team augmentation and Django consulting firm that provides first-class developers in the shortest time possible. Our collaboration model always depends on where your in-house team is located to see which one, offshore or nearshore staff augmentation will better fit your business objectives and needs.

Uvik’s best Django consultants always make sure the recommended IT experts feature a vast experience within the target tech field, require very little oversight, and are ready to get started from day one.

The target goal of Uvik is to streamline the recruitment process and provide exceptional software development experts that can become a mirror team to the client’s in-house team.

Therefore, with us, you can easily and efficiently hire Django consulting without any problems.

Why Choose Uvik Django Consultants?

Uvik Django consultancy is an authoritative company with years of experience within the IT team augmentation scope, that has long-standing collaborations with hundreds of brands and corporations across the world. Disciplined and tenacious, our Django consulting team has an excellent work ethic, that’s why in our client list, you’ll find worldwide known companies such as
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Django Consulting Company - 2
Django Consulting Company - 3
Django Consulting Company - 4
Django Consulting Company - 5
"Disciplined and tenacious, the team has an excellent work ethic."
James Sim
President & Co-Founder, Drakontas LLC

Case Studies: We Deliver Value

Python Engineers Team Extension for Data Protection Platform
The Challenge
Our client was looking for additional Python/Django developers to team up with whenever the company didn’t have enough resources.
Team Provided
2 Python developers, 1 Angular developer, and 2 Devops Engineers.
Value Delivered
We helped to develop an ERP platform and provided IT support for ongoing projects.
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Providing Python Team Extension for Collaboration Software Platform
The Challenge
Our client required top-level software developers with experience in cybersecurity.
Team Provided
2 senior Python/Pyramid developers.
Value Delivered
We assisted the client in moving the data protection platform from MVP to an early-stage beta version.
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Augmenting the IT Team of a Messaging Platform
The Challenge
The client wanted to leverage the experience of a senior Python developer to improve their mobile messaging platform.
Team Provided
1 Python/Django developer
Value Delivered
The Uvik's engineer successfully helped the client to enhance the platform's performance, stability, functionality, and security.
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Our company has a 5-star rating
on Clutch and lots of excellent
reviews from our clients

About Uvik Consulting

Uvik is a Django consulting company that is always in search of people passionate about software development, which makes us one of the most prospective companies in the CEE IT market. The longstanding collaborations with authoritative corporations and brands have proven our expertise in the staff augmentation field and inspired us for constant improvement and development.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Django?

Django is a high-level Python framework that provides rapid development of secure and maintainable websites. Built by experienced developers, this web framework handles lots of the hassle of web development, leaving more resources, time and material for more important things and processes.

What Are Your Hourly Rates When Hiring Django Consultants?

The hourly rates are calculated individually for each project, as they’re based on the clients’ objectives and needs, the average price tag varies from $50 to $99 per hour. Nevertheless, compared to its CEE competitors, the Uvik team features really attractive rates for the services delivered. Therefore, if you want to hire a Django consultant, just contact us for detailed information.

How Many Experiences do Your Django Development Consultants Have?

Being founded in 2015, so far the Uvik company has been on the IT market for more than 7 years. Nevertheless, our team consists of Senior Python/Django consultants with 7 to 14 years of experience.

How Do Django Consultants Communicate With Clients?

Django consultants from Uvik offer multiple communication approaches to choose from: you can make contact via chat or email, online meetings, and other preferable methods.

How to find the best Django consulting company?

If you want to hire Django consultants, you can search for experienced Django consultants on reputed job platforms. However, it is very easy to make a choice mistake in this case. It is better to turn to an experienced company like Uvik, saving time and money on a high-quality selection of a development partner.