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We provide services in web and mobile development. Our departments of Project Management, DevOps and Quality Assurance will guide you through the process of the product development

Web Development

Our web development team working with python and django, has expertise across a variety of industries, including FinTech, EdTech, MVPs for startups, CRM/ERP, Retail and E-commerce. We create modern web applications using python web development with django, modernize and maintain your existing solutions. We are experts in Python with its many libraries and frameworks. This technology is excellent for web development and is effective for processing huge amounts of data. Our python web development company offers an implementation of web, desktop, mobile applications, high-load systems and other solutions for various industries. Being a python development company, we use an agile approach, so the delivery process is always seamless and fits your business deadlines. With the right approach, and with the help of our django development company, you can use all the advantages of the Django framework.

Mobile App Development

We are a full stack mobile application development company creating mobile applications across popular platforms (iOS, Android) and integrate them with your business processes. As a web development company from Ukraine, our technology stack includes the very latest technologies and methodologies for android mobile app development including swift and react native. Python mobile app development is an understandable syntax, an excellent class library, focusing on solving the main task, rather than drawing up a variety of different abstractions. Also, we offer mobile app development React Native. Now React Native is one of the most popular cross-platform frameworks, many of the world's leading companies use it in their applications. Development and creation of mobile applications for Android and iOS are useful for both startups and already existing, successfully functioning projects in which applications can breathe new life.

UI/UX Design and Development services

Being a web development services company, we build a user-centric design utilizing techniques for drawing mind maps, A/B testing and ensure the end-product has an intuitive interface. Our UX department spends hours optimizing the overall user experience. The graphic design team of our front end web development company follows modern design trends. UI/UX design and development services are facilitating the solution of problems within the framework of team building web-products, prototyping, usability testing.

QA & Testing

Quality assurance is a learning process, learning what works wrong and how to fix it; studying what works correctly and under what circumstances, as well as how to do your job better with each new project. We perform comprehensive, multi-stage testing and auditing of your software. Our QA team will help you ensure that your product is free of bug and ready for launch.

Project management

Our project managers will help you to evaluate your requirements, estimate them and make the development process smooth using the agile approach. We take pride in our work as a custom mobile app development company. Our web and mobile app development company is actively engaged in the process management is transparent, and the product owner is involved during every stage, starting from beginning prototyping to the final release

Dedicated development teams

Quickly hire the right tech talent for your project with our decade-long expertise including Python web app development. We will help you build a loyal and easily scalable software development team. We provide website quality assurance services in full compliance with the quality assurance policy, and a business can strengthen its reputation as a reliable supplier and provider, while customers receive a high-quality product that fully meets their expectations.

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