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From consulting to deployment and support, we offer services designed to boost your efficiency. Our generative AI development company uses models like GPT, Llama, PaLM, Mistral, Claude, and Gemini to enhance your value proposal with the power of AI.
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Generative AI Development Services for Businesses

Let’s automate processes and drive productivity. Whether it’s chatbots, enhanced customer experience, or better operations you’re after, our team is ready to transform your business

Generative AI Consulting
Our AI experts develop a custom generative AI strategy to reach your business goals. We'll do research and deep analysis to craft the best AI solution for your request.
Generative AI Integration
We integrate generative AI solutions into your existing tech setup, making your operations smoother and more efficient with minimal downtime.
Generative AI Solution Development
Need an AI copilot, recommendation system, or predictive analytics tool? We've got developers for that. Smart and adaptable AI solutions are very much our thing.
Custom LLM Development
Domain-specific generative AI models rule on the market. Depending on your industry, we’ll pick and fine-tune the foundational model, making it a distinct part of your business.
Technology Choice
What tech to pick for AI projects? Foundational models like GPT and BERT or specialized tools for natural language processing? Our experts will help you choose.
Maintenance and Support
Post-deployment, the fun just starts. We provide ongoing maintenance and upgrades for your generative AI, ensuring it stays always up-to-date.
Data Engineering
Your data is a treasure. Our data engineering services like data extraction, processing, and analysis will help you find the pot of gold through data-driven decision-making.
Compliance and Security Consulting
AI regulations are already here. We prioritize compliance and security, making sure your AI solutions adhere to industry standards and protect users data.
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UVIK’s Areas of Expertise in Generative AI

At UVIK, we're all about making generative AI work for your business. Our team of experts covers a wide range of advanced technologies. Here’s what we do best:

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Deep Learning & NLP

We use deep learning and natural language processing (NLP) to create smart text-based applications. Think generating content, analyzing customer sentiment, summarizing long documents, translating languages, etc. Our models handle your text data with precision and flair.
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Computer Vision

When it comes to images, we're the ones to see. Our solutions can recognize, create, and analyze visuals, identifying objects, generating realistic images, or extracting insights, Turn to our computer vision tech for quality control, security, or even cool AR/VR projects.
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Reinforcement Learning

Reinforcement learning is all about making decisions based on experience. We create models that learn from their environment to optimize performance over time. This is great for automating processes, personalizing recommendations, or even strategic game playing.
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Data Engineering

Good data is the backbone of any AI project. Our data engineering team will get your data clean, well-organized, and ready for action. We take care of collecting, transforming, and integrating it, so your AI applications run smoothly and effectively.
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Image Synthesis

Need realistic images? Come here. Our image synthesis technology creates high-quality visuals from scratch, perfect for enhancing marketing materials or building virtual environments. If you need imaging for healthcare, fashion, or entertainment, you should talk to us.
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Simulation helps test and refine AI models in a controlled setting. We create advanced simulations that mimic real-world scenarios, allowing to predict outcomes, try out ideas, and fine-tune strategies without risk. Explore new possibilities safely and efficiently.

Tools & Technologies for Generative AI

At Uvik, we do outstanding generative AI software development with advanced technologies:

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AI Models

GPT-4, Llama, PaLM, Mistral, Claude, Gemini

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Programming Languages

Python, R, JavaScript

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TensorFlow, PyTorch, Keras

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Cloud Providers

AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure

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Visualization Tools

Tableau, Power BI

Our Generative AI Development Process

Here’s how we at UVIK bring your AI projects to life, step by step:

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Requirement Assessment

We listen to you, identifying and documenting project needs and goals.
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Strategy Building

In this step, we develop a strategic plan for model selection, training, and deployment.
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Design and Development

Time of crafting detailed specifications and developing the solution in detail.
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Integration and Support

We help integrate the solution into your ecosystem and stay with you for ongoing support.
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Deployment and Optimization

Showtime! Together, we deploy the solution and start optimizing its performance.
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Before rolling out, we do thorough testing to ensure the model quality and minimize biases.

Why Choose UVIK?

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In-house Generative AI Knowledge

Our team has understanding of the complexities of generative models, including a grasp of federated learning and edge computing for efficient training and privacy-conscious data utilization.
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Staff Augmentation Flexibility

Don't have a dedicated in-house AI team? UVIK's staff augmentation allows you to add skilled generative AI developers to your existing team for the duration of the project, providing the expertise you need.
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Agile and Adaptable Team

Generative AI is a rapidly evolving field. UVIK's core value of working with clients for years fosters a team that is used to adapting to new technologies and applying the latest advancements.
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Cost-Effective Development

By involving UVIK's team for specific project phases or per-request maintenance, you can optimize your development costs compared to maintaining a full-time in-house AI team
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Rich Catalog of AI Consulting Services

Our deep expertise in Python and Data Science equip us particularly well for generative AI development projects.
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"We didn’t want to hire good developers but rather exceptional ones. UVIK Software are rock stars."
Victoria M Murray
CEO, Web Development Agency

Our Awards

The Uvik team has been serving tech companies around the world since 2015 and during this time we have managed to collect numerous awards proving our expertise in the domain of software development and IT Staff Augmentation. Take a look at our 5-stars reviews on Clutch to learn more about the level of clients' satisfaction with our cooperation.

Real People. Real Results

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About UVIK

UVIK is a software development company that provides businesses with skilled IT specialists for specific projects. While our expertise spans various areas, we truly shine in Python, Data Science, and Django. UVIK's agile approach allows our devs to integrate with your existing team, making us the best partner for companies eager to explore generative AI without breaking the bank.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is generative AI?

Generative AI creates new, original content or data using advanced algorithms and models. It has applications in content generation, creative arts, data augmentation, customer experience, education, and more.

In what industries can generative AI be applied?

Generative AI can be used in various industries, including finance, healthcare, retail, logistics, automotive, and many more.

How does UVIK approach generative AI development?

We follow a structured process including requirement assessment, strategy building, design and development, testing, deployment, and maintenance.

Why choose UVIK as your generative AI partner?

Our customer-oriented approach, deep expertise, and a commitment to delivering high-quality AI solutions is why clients choose us.

How can your generative AI services help my business?

Generative AI can create realistic product mockups or write marketing copy, accelerating your go-to-market strategy. AI-powered data analysis can uncover patterns and trends in your customer data, enabling personalized experiences and increasing conversions. These are but few of it’s use cases.
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