Development of an Online Yearbook Creator

Enhancing Graduation Experiences with a Cutting-Edge Digital Yearbook Platform
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About the Client
Our client is a leading education technology company based in Essen, Germany, specializing in digital graduation solutions. They serve a niche market, providing customizable yearbook and graduation apparel services to students across Germany, with a focus on innovation and user-friendly designs.
The client sought a partner to optimize their hiring processes to scout and onboard exceptional global tech talent for their remote team. They needed assistance in pre-selecting highly skilled candidates and streamlining the interview process to ensure operational efficiency while adhering to budgetary constraints.
Company Profile:
Essen, Germany
11-50 employees
Education Technology
Graduation services
Operating under a well-known brand, the client is the largest provider in Germany of apps for graduates. They specialize in customizable services for yearbooks, graduation hoodies, and related graduation merchandise.


The client required a robust online platform capable of efficiently handling the design and production of digital yearbooks with high functionality and user interaction capabilities. The system needed to support complex features such as live-synchronized editing tools and page management while maintaining a seamless user experience for thousands of daily users.
Online Yearbook Creator Development
Service Provided:
Development of a comprehensive graphic editor UI and user interfaces for managing various yearbook elements.
To create a high-quality, user-friendly online yearbook creator that enhances operational efficiency and user experience, overcoming challenges like content synchronization and complex drag-and-drop scenarios.

Technologies we used

Node JS
Nest JS
Graph QL

Requirements Gathering:

Worked closely with management and designers to clarify requirements and discuss feature feasibility and problem-solving approaches.

Custom Development:

Collaborated with the client's engineers on developing product features, integrating services, discussing technical aspects, and resolving issues.


Successfully released the beta version after just over six months of cooperation.


Currently supporting the project, developing new features, and resolving issues arising from a rapidly growing user base.


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Successful Launch:
Achieved the public launch of the layout creator project, now used daily by thousands of students.
High-Quality Delivery:
Consistently delivered high-quality work on schedule.
Effective Communication:
Maintained effective communication throughout the project.
Operational Efficiency:
Significantly enhanced operational efficiency without any noted areas for improvement.


Our collaboration significantly enhanced the digital offerings available to students for creating yearbooks. This partnership not only fulfilled the immediate needs of the client by delivering a high-quality, functional online yearbook creator but also set a new benchmark in the educational technology industry for graduation services. The success of the project underscores our ability to deliver tailored software solutions that meet specific client needs while fostering innovation in educational practices. This case study exemplifies how technological solutions can modernize traditional processes, making them more accessible and efficient for end-users.
We appreciate their effective communication, straightforward process, and high-quality developers.
Philipp Hofmann
Chief Digital Officer

Our Awards

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