8 Staff Augmentation Benefits You Can Unlock

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    If you realize your human resources aren’t enough for a timely and quality project delivery, staff augmentation may overcome these short-term workforce challenges. And this approach comes with its perks: staff augmentation benefits include cost-efficiency, flexibility, scalability, increased productivity, and more.

    Unlocking the benefits of IT staff augmentation, businesses gain access to top-tier talent precisely tailored to their development requirements. This strategic approach enables organizations to streamline their in-house teams, fostering agility for the future. Moreover, these collaborative partners elevate software quality and fortify data privacy endeavors.

    UVIK has been helping companies bridge the talent gaps with staff augmentation services since 2015. And we know first-hand how this model comes to the rescue when businesses need to navigate spikes in workload and speed up time to market without compromising software quality.

    Today, let’s break down the eight IT staff augmentation benefits you can reap – and how to unlock them by choosing the right agency.

    Why IT Staff Augmentation Matters

    Workable puts the average time to fill tech roles at 68 days. But if you need to bridge a talent gap fast, spending two months looking for a new hire may not be an option. And that’s where staff augmentation comes in.

    In addition, it’s becoming harder and harder to hire qualified developers. According to a Gartner survey, 86% of CIOs face more competition from other employers. Moreover, 73% are worried about IT talent attrition. So, besides a shorter time to fill, the staff augmentation process resolves another issue: promptly finding developers with the right qualifications.

    These are just the two key benefits of staff augmentation – there are many more. We’ll break them down below.

    8 IT Staff Augmentation Benefits You Can Reap

    Let’s break down the eight critical advantages of IT staff augmentation and look at real-world examples of these pros.

    Flexibility and Scalability

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    Staff augmentation helps you quickly expand your team on an as-needed basis within several days. Thus, you quickly scale your resources if you land an extensive project or need to speed up software development for other reasons. That, in turn, improves your resilience and flexibility – without hiring employees that may sit idle during drops in the workload.

    For example, staff augmentation allowed our client, a California-based web development agency, to handle occasional larger projects with peace of mind. With UVIK’s Python developers and an Angular 2 engineer, the company finished 3 large projects on time.


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    If you choose staff augmentation instead of recruitment, you avoid all the costs associated with a full-time or part-time hire. These include employee benefits (between 25% and 40% of the salary) and hiring costs like job postings and recruiters’ time. Plus, you reduce the cost of vacancy (for example, payroll and benefit savings minus revenue lost).

    At the same time, you pay only for the work completed. Depending on the staff augmentation pricing model, you can be charged a fixed monthly amount or pay as you go per hour. In our experience, clients save up to 60% in project costs by choosing remote staff augmentation. For example, our client reduced project monthly costs by 18% with our assistance.

    Expertise On-Demand

    Staff augmentation allows you to gain access to expert developers with verified skills faster than if you were hiring in-house professionals. And if you opt for remote staff augmentation, the world is your oyster. You can choose from thousands of professionals across the globe.

    This advantage allows you to close even the most challenging talent gaps promptly. For example, one of our clients was looking for senior Python developers with a particular requirement: they had to be experts in eCommerce development. So we helped them find two professionals fitting the bill without the lengthy hiring process.

    Reduced Hiring and Onboarding Time

    Agencies like UVIK can fill in the position within a matter of days. Moreover, you don’t have to invest many company resources into onboarding and assimilation of the developers. They seamlessly expand your team for a short period, so onboarding covers only the essentials.

    We ensure our clients reap this benefit by closing the talent gap within less than a week. For example, we completed the talent gap for CommunityConnect Labs within just 12 days.

    Increased Productivity and Efficiency

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    With staff augmentation, you make sure your core team is always productive, and your operational efficiency is at its highest. In addition, it requires fewer resources to kick off: you don’t need to create job postings or seek out already-employed talent. And during spikes in workload, your employees aren’t overwhelmed or overworked.

    On top of that, your business can quickly scale up its output with staff augmentation. With additional qualified developers, you may deliver larger projects whenever they come your way (as was the case for our web development agency client).

    Focus on Core Operations

    Staff augmentation lets your in-house development team avoid pulling off overtime or getting distracted by extra tasks. Plus, you don’t pick up the recruitment-related workload.

    For example, while UVIK’s developers worked hard migrating SingleLegal’s solution from Python 2 to Python 3, the company’s team focused on product development.

    Mitigated Risks

    If you lack cybersecurity specialists with relevant expertise, you expose the product to potential risks. However, this expertise is only necessary in the short run if you plan to hire an in-house IT support team later on. Alternatively, you may need extra effort for a specific one-off task, like performing a cybersecurity audit or developing a particular feature.

    That’s where temporarily enhancing your team with a cybersecurity specialist saves the day. It also mitigates the risk of missing deadlines and exceeding the budget. For example, VantagePoint used our staff augmentation services to move the product from MVP to early beta on time without compromising its quality.

    Improved Employee Retention

    Your employees have a consistent workload and aren’t often overwhelmed or overworked. As a result, they’ll be happier to be on your team. Furthermore, a new direct hire with an excellent skill set makes some feel threatened.

    Turning to staff augmentation sends a clear signal to your in-house team: you care about their well-being. So, you scale up your team when needed so they don’t have to alternate between forty and four work hours a week.

    6 Factors to Consider When You Choose IT Staff Augmentation Services

    To reap the benefits of staff augmentation services listed above, choose your service vendor wisely. Otherwise, you risk a subpar return on your investment, along with missing deadlines or poor development outcomes.

    But how to choose the right staff augmentation partner? Here are the six factors to consider when seeking one:

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    How UVIK Helps Clients Reap the Benefits of IT Staff Augmentation

    At UVIK, we specialize in helping businesses scale their team on a project-by-project basis without high recruitment costs.

    For example, we complemented SimpleLegal’s team with three Python developers to upgrade the platform after a disappointing partnership with a development team from India. Our specialists migrated the solution from Python 2 to Python 3 and set up PyTest coverage.

    As a result, the hired specialists’ efforts boosted the platform’s resilience and performance with the upgraded backend architecture.

    This is one of many ways we assist businesses in meeting their IT staffing needs quickly and efficiently. If you’d like to learn more about our services, visit our projects page to see other examples of our work.

    Final Thoughts

    The most compelling IT staff augmentation benefits are flexibility, scalability, cost-efficiency, and easy access to niche expertise.

    However, this model isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. It suits businesses with significant spikes and dips in workload or short-term talent needs. On the other hand, you may test whether you need a new in-house hire without a substantial upfront investment.

    Looking to quickly augment software development capabilities with senior experts in Python, ReactJS, or other technologies? We at UVIK have the vetted professionals with the skill set you need. Contact us, and we’ll help you bridge the talent gap within 7-14 days.


    Is staff augmentation suitable for any business?

    No. In some cases, a new hire makes more sense than turning to a staff augmentation agency. Staff augmentation is a suitable option for businesses that: – Experience occasional spikes and dips in workload – Want to reduce time to market for a particular product – Lack technical skills for finishing a project on time without compromising quality – Need to bridge the talent gap in the short run

    What’s the difference between staff augmentation and outsourcing?

    If you choose staff augmentation, you’re expanding your in-house team with one or several specialists with the required skill set. These professionals come on board to cope with a specific work scope (for instance, developing a particular feature). Meanwhile, you remain in charge of managing their work on the project. Outsourcing, in turn, means hiring a whole development team for your project. It typically includes a business analyst, UI/UX designer, QA engineer, and one or several software developers. The company is also responsible for project management.

    Can staff augmentation be done remotely?

    Yes, remote staff augmentation is one of the models you may opt for if the scope of work doesn’t require on-site presence (for example, upgrading server hardware in a data center). However, depending on the developers’ location, you may need to manage a significant time zone difference.

    How can staff augmentation impact your business’s long-term growth?

    Staff augmentation is a cost-efficient way to close short-term talent gaps as needed. With this model, you can dedicate your resources to core activities instead of spending them on recruitment. Staff augmentation also boosts flexibility and scalability, improving your resilience.

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