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It took me 10+ years in development to learn the secret of successful projects. It’s the skilled team.

🚀 Businesses are often looking to extend their team with experts who will streamline their project development even temporarily. And so, I co-founded the Uvik Software staff augmentation company to meet these business needs.

At Uvik Software you can:
— get top-notch back-end, front-end, and cross-platform developers in a few days without wasting your time on recruitment
— see those developers deliver on schedule and require very little oversight
— connect with a remote dedicated team directly, cutting out the middlemen and extra management costs
— hire top Ukrainian talent that will bring value to your own team.

I can align, lead, and grow product development teams from 10 to 100 people. For Uvik Software, I bring only the best talent on board and build a solid connection to the developer community. In fact, we host local meet-ups, sponsor and speak at numerous industry events, and are among PyCon USA sponsors.

Areas of expertise:
Python | JavaScript | Flask | Cross-Platform Mobile Development | DevOps for Hire | Team Development | Staff Augmentation

Check out some customer's reviews: https://clutch.co/profile/uvik-software

📩 Are you looking for an experienced development partner to scale up? Get in touch with me at [email protected]

Job title
Co-founder & CEO
Uvik Software
New York, USA
Favorite topics
Startups, Python, Django, Outsourcing


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