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    Django development has become really popular, considering how multi-purpose, fast, secure, and scalable it is.

    There is no lack of professionals on the market because developers understand that the technology is in demand.

    However, it is a challenge to choose someone who fits your budget and offers good quality as well.

    Let’s check Django developers salary in USA annually and monthly on the example of USA’s developers:

    Annual Salary

    Monthly Pay

    Senior Django Developer

    155.000 $

    12.916 $

    Middle Django Developer

    120.000 $

    10.000 $

    Junior Django Developer

    100.000 $

    8.333 $

    What are Django developers hourly rates expectations? As of April 2022, the average Django developer salary was $107,767 or $52 per hour. However, the highest is $158,000 and the lowest is $68,000. Why is the branch so vast?

    The cost to hire Django developers depends on many factors.

    Let’s take a closer look at what those factors are, as well as what to look out for when hiring a Django professional and how to do that. Information is based on UVIK experience gathering Django development teams for clients around the world.


    What Is Django Used For?

    Django is a web development framework that is actively used for different purposes and industries, for instance:

    • Web applications, including enterprise apps, media outlet websites, fintech and health tech apps, eCommerce platforms, etc.
    • APIs
    • Administration panels for large websites
    • Separate functions for existing apps. Django works well with microservices
    • Quick MVPs

    The technology is oftentimes used by startups because Django development is fast and the result is easily scalable. For example, Instagram and Pinterest used the framework at the beginning.

    What Affects the Cost of Hiring Django Developers?

    The branch of the salaries and hourly rates for Django developers is so wide since the cost is defined by numerous factors.

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    The Django developer salaries depend on numerous factors including the following ones:

    Relevant Experience

    Obviously, a junior developer will have a lower Django dev salary than the senior one. Seniors have more field experience rather than what they are theoretically taught in college. As a result, they can code and make decisions faster. They also have more responsibility, namely monitoring the quality of the code provided by juniors and working with more difficult features.

    However, the cost of Django developers for hire is sometimes more complicated than that. Some senior programmers have a lot of expertise in a specific industry which makes their knowledge even more valuable and they can ask for higher salaries.

    Developers’ Location

    It is not a secret that the location of a developer matters. People in different countries have different Django developer salary expectations based on the level of life in their country. As a result, the average cost of Django developers for hire developers is lower in Eastern Europe, South America, and India, even though they often offer the same level of expertise as their colleagues from the US or Western Europe.

    That is why many countries prefer offshore outsourcing. It keeps the talent pool vast and the development costs low.

    Required Skills

    If the project is complex and has numerous features, you will have to look for more experienced engineers and, therefore, pay up. The same goes if the features involve advanced technologies like machine learning, natural language processing, and artificial intelligence.

    Form of Employment

    The estimated cost to hire Django developers will vary greatly based on whether the developers work as freelancers or as full-time employees. Freelancers have much lower rates but they are less reliable and dedicated, especially if they work with more projects than one. Django developers within the company will have higher rates and, if they work not as outsourced professionals, you will also have to take care of the benefits and insurance.

    The Average Cost of Django Developers for Hire by Country

    The salaries of Django developers drastically vary depending on the country chosen for outsourcing. Thus, make sure to review this list of salaries to budget accordingly:

    The United States

    The United States used to be the go-to place for software development. However, having your product developed by US engineers is not the best idea cost-wise anymore. The cost of Django development in this country is growing each year and here are the engineers’ salaries as for the year 2022:

    • Junior Django Developer – $100,000 annually
    • Middle Django Developer – $120,000 annually
    • Senior Django Developer – $155,000 annually

    The United Kingdom

    London attracts lots of startup founders so the demand for Django software developers is high in the city and so are the salaries of the engineers. Although the quality of services provided by local developers is high, you need to allocate a decent budget in order to afford to have them on your team.

    • Junior Django Developer – £40,023 annually
    • Middle Django Developer – £55,000 annually
    • Senior Django Developer – £75,000 annually


    There are lots of talented Django software developers in Germany due to the high level of education and the business environment that encourages innovation. Although salaries of German developers are lower in comparison with their American or British colleagues, they are still pretty high, especially in comparison with the CEE region.

    • Junior Django Developer – €43,000 annually
    • Middle Django Developer – €54,682 annually
    • Senior Django Developer – €59,00 annually


    The amount of Western companies choosing Ukrainian software outsourcing vendors is rapidly growing and there are multiple reasons for that. The quality of Django development services provided by engineers from this country is superb and their English proficiency is very high. However, the main benefit of outsourcing to Ukraine is a low cost of development, and here are the salaries of local Django developers:

    • Junior Django Developer – $18,000 annually
    • Middle Django Developer – $38,000 annually
    • Senior Django Developer – $70,000 annually


    The salaries of Django developers from India may be the lowest in the market, however, the quality of their services is often not high enough to build an innovative product that would win over the market.

    • Junior Django Developer – £2,572 annually
    • Middle Django Developer – $5,120 annually
    • Senior Django Developer – $10,287 annually

    Django Web Developer Salary in the US by State

    If you decide to have your product developed in the US, you need to choose which state your want to outsource the development to. You don’t necessarily need to work with developers from big cities, as engineers from smaller towns would be able to provide the same quality of services but at a more affordable price:



    California $142,425
    New York $140,000
    New Jersey $126,750
    Georgia $125,000
    Illinois $120,000
    Pennsylvania $120,000

    What to Look for When Hiring a Django Developer?

    It is not only the price that should determine your decision on whether to hire Django developers. It is also important to check the following:

    Required Hard Skills and Experiences

    The exact skills and level of experience are determined by your project’s needs and peculiarities. You should define those before posting any kind of job listing.

    The standard list of required hard skills includes the knowledge of Python/Django, APIs, and databases like Postgres, SQLite, MongoDB, MySQL, the usage of Object Relational Mapping (ORM), as well as a basic understanding of front-end development and its technologies like CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.

    Depending on the complexity of the project, you may need more experienced Django professionals as well.

    Soft Skills

    Yet, it is not only hard skills that determine a good professional. One should also know how to work around deadlines, communicate with the team and the management, and take responsibility for their actions and the results of their work.

    The most important soft skills for a Django developer, however, are problem-solving and analysis skills. No software development project can work if there is no room for logical and creative solutions.

    Soft skills are something that you can only test during a personal interview so never skip on them. Otherwise, you might run into problems with the work ethics and timelines of the project.

    Language Proficiency

    It is mainly a rule for offshore development but it works with immigrants as well. If you do not know the common language for both of you, communication is impossible. You may end up with major misunderstandings that influence both atmospheres within the team at the end result of the project.

    If it is about offshore development, you may also want to see how different your cultures are and pay attention to the time zone difference. It has a great effect on the ease of work and communication as well.

    Where Is the Best Place to Hire Django Developers?

    In addition to the Django/Python developer salary, it is worth considering the place of employment. There is no exactly the best place to hire a Django developer. It all depends on your preferences and budget.

    First of all, you have to decide between in-house and outsourcing.

    In-House Development

    The in-house option works for those who need to see their team work comfortably and properly, they have enough money to offer salaries and benefits, and enough resources to find a hire, go through onboarding, etc. However, it is associated with higher costs and a lack of talent within the area.

    You can look for in-house employees through job listings and candidate profiles on such websites as Toptal, Upwork, Freelancer, etc.

    It is also good to recruit Django developers at development conferences, hackathons, and university competitions. You can quickly test their knowledge and get to know their interpersonal skills in no time.

    However, most great candidates do not look for the jobs actively. You should find and contact them yourself. It is good to look through LinkedIn profiles, spend time at the developers’ forums, ask for referrals from your network, or read developers’ Medium blogs or answers on Quora.


    The outsourcing option works for businesses that look for a broader talent pool and seek cost-effective hires with a lot of experience. The hiring process is faster in this situation as well. However, you have to be ready for time zone differences, lack of control and communication, cultural and language barriers, and concerns about data security.

    If you decide on outsourcing, you have to choose the country first. It is important to consider the quality/cost ratio, as well as pay attention to time zone differences and cultural peculiarities.

    Numerous American and Western European companies prefer Eastern Europe as their main outsourcing destination. They have similar cultures and work ethics, and Western Europe has only one hour of time difference. However, if your main concern is price, India or Latin America will be the top choices.

    If you decide on the country, it is better to contact a local outsourcing vendor if you want to hire Django developers quickly and have as few concerns about legal operations as possible. You can choose the company by asking your network for referrals or researching the Internet. It is always essential to compare prices, services, case studies, and ratings, and check out what their previous clients think about them.

    If you decide to outsource to Eastern Europe, you can always contact Uvik. We have Django developers with different levels of experience and can find your new team within days. It is all possible because we have a database of developers that we have pre-selected based on their technical and soft skills and checked their English language proficiency. Our main priority is to connect dedicated developers with companies who are looking for them.

    How to Hire a Django Developer?

    Hiring a Django developer has numerous steps to it. Let’s walk you through all of them.

    #1 Define Your Requirements

    The best way to quickly find a Django developer is to know what you need to turn your idea into a well-functioning product. Write a profile of your perfect hire and turn it into a job listing later.

    In the job description, you should define what technologies you want them to know, what soft skills you expect, and how you want to cooperate: on a freelance, in-house, or outsourced basis. It is also important to briefly explain the nature of the project to avoid people who are not interested in your industry or project type.

    #2 Start Collecting CVs

    After you have your requirements, start looking for developers: post listings on job boards, look for passive candidates in the social media and developers’ meet-ups, ask friends around, or contact an outsource company and let them do everything for you.

    #3 Filter Out Top Performers

    You should understand whether they meet your requirements: you can check out their CVs, as well as take a look at their previous projects, expertise on social media, and feedback from previous employers if there are any. You can send tech skills assessments and language proficiency tests to the best of them.

    #4 Conduct Interviews

    It is essential to go through the interviews with the top performers. It is the only way to understand whether you will be comfortable working together and whether the person actually knows what they claim to know. You can ask technical questions, as well as prompt them to suggest solutions to one of your existing problems in the development.

    #5 Negotiate on the Price

    It does not matter whether you are looking for an individual Django developer or work with an outsourcing company, it is essential to negotiate the service pricing. You have to get ready by examining the state of the market in your country and city or in the outsourcing destination, as well as estimate the highest available payment option.

    Decide on payment options (fixed or time and materials), how often the payments will occur, and through which channels.

    #6 Sign a Contract

    Get your chosen candidates and a legal team ready to assemble a contract that works for both sides and sign one. Congratulations on your new hires!

    All About Django Developer Salary & Cost to Hire - 4

    Why to Choose UVIK

    If you need top Django developers to scale your team up and set your project up for success, then you need to contact Uvik. Companies all over the world choose us as their IT staff augmentation partner for multiple reasons:

    • 7 Years in IT Staff Augmentation. Over all these years on the market, we’ve aggregated an extensive base of top Django software developers who can handle technical tasks of any complexity.
    • 5-Star Rating on Clutch. We have only positive reviews from our clients as we treat each project as our own and our developers do their best to help clients create innovative solutions that stand out from the competition.
    • Personalized Approach to Each Client. While selecting Django developers for your project, we choose professionals with niche relevant experience, so they are well aware of the latest trends and challenges in your industry.
    • Chance to Reduce Development Budget by 60%. By outstaffing your team with Uvik Django developers, you can reduce the development budget by an impressive 60% as you don’t need to deal with the hiring-, onboarding-, and employment-related expenses.

    Final Thoughts

    There are numerous factors that define the salary for Django developer: their experience, specific set of skills, location, and chosen cooperation model. Your priorities and needs will determine what price you are ready to pay.


    Where Can I Find a Django Developer?

    You can find Django developers on job boards like TopTal or Upwork, on hackathons, conferences, or university competitions, on social media, and on developers’ forums and communities. Or you can contact an outsourcing company if you want to go for offshore development.

    How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Django Developer?

    As of April 2022, the average is $107,767 or $52 per hour. However, the highest is $158,000 and the lowest is $68,000 since the costs depend on the expertise and location of a developer.

    What Are the Most Important Skills to Look For in a Django Developer?

    Apart from technical skills, you should also look for communication, time management, and problem-solving skills. Make sure to check out English language proficiency if you work with offshore developers.

    What Does a Django Developer Do?

    A Django developer can help you build web applications, APIs, admin panels, MVPs, or different features for existing apps.

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