Building Real-Time Team Collaboration Platform With Mission-Critical Command and Control and Incident Management Capabilities
Industry: Public safety
Location: Bluebell, Pennsylvania
Status: Work in progress
Team: 4 Python developers, 2 React developers, DevOps engineer
Dragon Force
About the client

Drakontas is a leading provider of collaboration software solutions and training programs to Federal, state, and local governments, serving the defense, law enforcement, criminal justice, and transportation communities.

DragonForce is Drakontas's mobile messaging platform that allows teams to plan, communicate, and act more quickly, safely, and effectively. It operates on smartphones, tablets, MDCs, and web browsers over a variety of wireless networks.


Bolster technical talent pool with backend developers

01 Developing the product from version 2.6 to 3.5
02 Scaling the team from 2 to 6 engineers
03 Python 2 to Python 3 migration
04 Both web and mobile software development
05 DevOps scaling
06 DevOps downscaling
07 Increasing performance from 10K users to 50K
08 Performance optimization
09 Developing stress test framework using Locust and Asyncio
We add senior software engineers to growing product development teams.
  • Python
  • React Native
  • Kubernetes
  • Redis
  • PostgreSQL
  • React
  • AWS
  • Docker
  • Ansible
  • Celery
3 Years

"Their work has been deployed in mission-critical environments. We've been extremely satisfied with the results of their work. The team is completely self-sufficient, and I haven’t needed to dedicate anyone to oversee them. They’ve become a mirror team to my developers in the US."

James Sim President & Co-Founder, Drakontas LLC
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