React Staff Augmentation

Get top React developers to join your web development team without all the pain and waste of time that goes into hiring employees. We make work more efficient and controllable and don’t require babysitting.

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“The team is completely self-sufficient, and I haven’t needed to dedicate anyone to oversee them. They’ve become a mirror team to my developers in the US."

James Sim
President & Co-Founder, Drakontas LLC

Keep your project in control. Costs down

You can hire a React developer at Uvik but you are the one in charge. You control your own workforce without any third parties. Because you aren't making recruitment yourself and don't pay the overheads, your savings are significant.

React Staff Augmentation - №1

Save money

The average salary of a React developer in the USA is $122,500 per year or $62 per hour. Add taxes, bonuses, laptops, desks, free snacks, office rent, birthday presents and you will arrive at a pretty large sum of money. We can reduce your project costs by 60% while still providing the top talent which is hard to find elsewhere.

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Reduce your time to hire

Companies spend at least 60 days to find desired software developers. And then there is another problem: good developers might leave anytime if they find something more interesting. This makes your recruiting process endless. With Uvik you can get a developer overnight, and they're motivated to complete your project.

React Staff Augmentation - №3

Hire based on specific skills

When you consider changing the technology or adding fancy new features, you don’t have to worry about having to find people with the right skills. You can simply hire the right guy. If you need someone highly skilled with React just for a specific part of your project, this is a way to go. We have skilled developers in-house.

React Staff Augmentation - №4

Get more control

React staff augmentation is like outsourcing under control. You are a project manager and have direct access to your employees. To make sure you get the project done within deadlines, you can add new developers to your team immediately. You can also change your developer anytime you want, without a loss.

React Staff Augmentation - №5

Eliminate administrative complications

You get a developer. We do everything else. As a software team augmentation agency, we administer the hiring process, train developers, before assigning them to projects, set up communication tools, provide equipment, handle contracts and payroll administration, and deal with any HR issues that may arise.

React Staff Augmentation - №6

Ensure your project and spendings are on target

When you hire developers here, they feel responsible for what they have to deliver. Because if they don't deliver, you can always change them. Your developers will follow your deadlines because this is what we will agree on from the start. Our pricing models are flexible. You can hire full-time, part-time, or hourly.

Python expertise

Our React development expertise

Our developers have large expertise in building single-page React applications, developing mobile apps in React Native, and using React along with other libraries in complex projects.


Experts in building high-performing web apps and powerful mobile apps

We write web applications that behave consistently, run in different environments (client, server, and native), and are fast to load. We are also skilled in React Native for building mobile apps.


Skilled in JavaScript frameworks like React, Angular and Vue

The knowledge of JavaScript is fundamental for React developers. Other than React, we also worked with Angular and Vue. We chose to focus on React, the most popular framework.


Have built advanced solutions with React on the frontend and Python on the backend

Our backend developers specialize in Python. We perfectly combine Flask or Django frameworks with React for building high-performance secure web applications.

Check out our latest projects

Take a look at some of our recent projects and contact us to see how we can help you.

Web development agency


A web development agency was looking for Python/Django developers who they could work with on an ongoing basis. Learn more about how we helped.


Python developers


Angular 2 engineer

Dragon Force

Bluebell, Pennsylvania

DragonForce is collaborative software that provides communications tools to empower public safety professionals to do their jobs more quickly, safely, and effectively. UVIK was hired to develop this platform.


Python developers


React developers


DevOps engineer

More projects

Hire React developers

Want to start building your team? Check out a few resumes from our in-house specialists, or learn more about hiring React developers at UVIK.

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How it works

To start working with us, send us some information about your project. We will schedule a call to clarify the details, and choose candidates that best fit your requirements.


Get resumes for review

We select candidates with the needed background and relevant experience. You will get the resumes for review.


Interview candidates

You can challenge your candidates with an interview or a tech task to make sure they are right for your project.


Start the project

You can start the project immediately. If you have doubts, we recommend getting a weekly trial.

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