React Native Staff Augmentation

Looking for skilled resources to complete your cross-platform mobile app development project? We provide skilled React Native developers to work alongside your staff while we take on all administrative tasks. Just let us know what your needs are and we will bring in the expertise to help you every step of the way.

React Native Staff Augmentation - №0

“Their team is highly creative and hard-working, staying on top of deadlines and taking time to understand their client’s core business requirements before building out final features."

Danny Tijerina
COO, VantagePoint

The right talent for your project. Cost-effectively and fast

Get a skilled engineer or a team of engineers to deliver a project without having to spend your time to take on in-house employees. Whether you’re looking to enhance your staff or speed up your mobile app development process, we’re here to lend our expertise.

React Native Staff Augmentation - №1

Start your project 8 times faster

Our React Native developers will ensure you won’t need to cut corners to deliver a cross-platform mobile app for both Android and iOS markets. We understand your project requirements and quickly integrate ourselves with your team to get the job done.

React Native Staff Augmentation - №2

Access the skill sets you need to succeed

You can rest assured you’ll get the right talent committed to your success. Our React Native professionals are masters of their craft with years of industry experience and a diverse portfolio of cross-platform app development projects.

React Native Staff Augmentation - №3

Reduce costs on salaries

React Native eliminates the need to hire two different development teams for iOS and Android. Moreover, with UVIK you’ll only pay for the actual hours each developer worked on your project, at rates that are at least 30% lower than in Western Europe and the USA.

React Native Staff Augmentation - №4

Decrease overhead costs

We have your back when it comes to all organizational processes and their associated costs. You will work directly with UVIK developers while our managers handle administrative tasks, including interviews, HR, retention, taxes, and workplace management.

React Native Staff Augmentation - №5

Get the work completed on time with no delays

With UVIK, you’ll never have to worry about delivery delays or missed deadlines. We apply Agile methodologies with daily standups, code reviews, and retrospectives, and deliver timely results at each step within the project lifecycle.

React Native Staff Augmentation - №6

Gain flexibility with temporary contracts

At UVIK, we provide you with the flexibility to quickly scale your team with the people and expertise you need, whenever you need it. Just contact us in advance to discuss your specific requirements and let us make the arrangements.

Python expertise

Our expertise building cross-platform mobile applications

The UVIK team will help you realize all the benefits of React Native's cross-platform development capabilities, enhanced with our expertise and our high standards of delivery.
Our diverse expertise allows us to handle projects of any scale and industry and help you deliver timely, high-quality results without compromise.


We’re experts in developing mobile applications that feel native

Using React Native, we can achieve 95% shared code and a unified design language across iOS, Android, and web platforms. React Native apps feel as fluid as native ones, and provide a great user experience.


We’re skilled with native APIs for deep integration with iOS and Android

React Native apps often rely on native APIs for hardware-specific features such as multi-touch gestures, camera, and accelerometer. With our help, you can expect your app to perform the same way as a native app would.


We’ve built apps with complex geolocation functionality

We have proven experience in developing a cross-platform security application combining native web mapping technologies and location-based features with a strong focus on speed and performance.

Check out our latest projects

Our developers have years of experience assisting clients with a variety of custom engineering solutions to their specific needs. Check out our latest projects to get an idea of how we can help you with your Android, iOS, and web development projects using React Native.

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A web development agency was looking for Python/Django developers who they could work with on an ongoing basis. Learn more about how we helped.


Python developers


Angular 2 engineer

Dragon Force

Bluebell, Pennsylvania

DragonForce is collaborative software that provides communications tools to empower public safety professionals to do their jobs more quickly, safely, and effectively. UVIK was hired to develop this platform.


Python developers


React developers


DevOps engineer

More projects

Hire React Native developers

You can rest assured UVIK developers are equipped with technical knowledge, experience, and skills to help you deliver your project on time and budget. No matter where you are in the development lifecycle, our experts will meet you there.

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How to get started

Our experts are ready to join your team at any stage and help you deliver your projects on time, on budget, and with the highest quality.


Get resumes for review

Tell us more about your project and we’ll send you a shortlist of React Native developers who will make the best fit for your requirements.


Interview candidates

Interview our specialists and test their skills and teamwork to see if they’re the right fit for your project. The hiring decision is entirely up to you.


Start the project

Once you’re confident with who to add to your team, we’ll make all necessary preparations for a quick start with your project.

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