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Streamline your business with a full range of end-to-end DevOps and development services. We provide continuous integration and delivery, configuration management, application architecture and development, cloud migration, containerization, virtualization, server administration, and infrastructure management and maintenance both on-premise and in the cloud. With UVIK, you only pay for the work done. You won’t have to pay for interviews, onboarding, or workplace management. It’s all on us.

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“Disciplined and tenacious, the team has an excellent work ethic. Their ego never gets in the way of producing quality results. There has been no conflict whatsoever."

James Sim
President & Co-Founder, Drakontas LLC

Become a high-performing IT organization

Continuous delivery practices help businesses achieve higher organizational performance and deliver value in a fast and continuous way. Reports show that high-performing IT organizations can deploy 30 times more frequently with 200 times shorter lead times. They also experience 60 times fewer failures and recover 168 times faster when an incident does occur. Failures are inevitable, but it’s your ability to quickly detect and recover from failure that makes the difference.

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Support quality production

We implement the best DevOps practices and tools to help you improve productivity, increase the speed of delivery, and ensure quality throughout the entire lifecycle of your application. With UVIK engineers, you get an effective development environment and benefit from better team productivity, as well as automated development processes.

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Get faster time to market

Our DevOps engineers will help you reduce lead time from code commit to production and the overall deployment time through continuous delivery of usable features and functionality provided to your end-users. We’ll ensure you have the right tools and infrastructure to streamline your production pipeline and improve collaboration within your team for better results.

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Build and maintain staging environments

Staging is where you gain confidence in your product by testing it within a production-like environment and ensuring that the application works as it should. Our DevOps engineers can help you build custom staging environments where you can test features and releases before pushing them to the real production stage.

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Scale to meet your end-user needs

Our DevOps experts make sure you get scalable architecture able to support potential further growth and make it easier for you to implement new features in the project. We ensure you get the flexibility to handle increased traffic and adjust resources without compromising performance or user experience.

Python expertise

Take a quick look at our DevOps expertise

Our team is fully equipped to handle all aspects of DevOps, and ensure that you have a better-performing system with no downtime and faster deployment of changes.


We're experts in OS administration and cloud deployment

We offer a wide range of DevOps services to support your operations at any scale. Whether you need to set up new services or maintain your existing infrastructure, our experts are here to help you make sure that everything’s in order, whether it be about development, operations, testing, or information security.


We’re skilled in automating delivery pipelines

DevOps automation tools require proper implementation, and that’s where our experts come in. We analyze your specific goals and align those goals with automation procedures. With automated CI/CD, you reduce human error and streamline operations, helping your app make it to market safe and in a shorter time.


We have strong experience with Amazon Web Services

Our experience with the Amazon Web Services infrastructure enables us to help you get the results you want, quickly. We have the AWS competencies you need to migrate to the cloud, leverage your cloud capabilities, manage your AWS deployments, and deliver long-term sustainable growth.

Check out our latest projects

We’re happy to say clients stay with us for years because we work hard and deliver results. Check out the success stories from our happy clients around the globe, and contact us to discuss how we can help you streamline your development projects!

Vantage Point

Austin, Texas

VantagePoint is a data protection company that was searching for developers with expertise in cybersecurity. Learn more about how UVIK helped them.


Python/Pyramid developers

Dragon Force

Bluebell, Pennsylvania

DragonForce is collaborative software that provides communications tools to empower public safety professionals to do their jobs more quickly, safely, and effectively. UVIK was hired to develop this platform.


Python developers


React developers


DevOps engineer

More projects

Hire professional DevOps engineers

Our team of experts is on hand to help you put DevOps to work throughout the cycles of planning, development, testing, and continuous delivery. Our DevOps engineers are committed experts who've been working with us for years across a broad portfolio of industries. You can rest assured that they’re experienced team players who will provide value to your business from day one.

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Getting started is fast and easy

Our DevOps experts are ready to join your team at any stage and help you streamline your development lifecycle while increasing the scalability and resilience of your applications


Get resumes for review

Talk to us to discuss your project and let us know about any specific requirements you may have. We’ll send you resumes of our DevOps engineers that fit your description.


Interview candidates

Conduct personal interviews with final candidates to see if they have the skills and personality you’re looking for. You’re free to choose your own test tasks and have as many interview rounds as you need to hire the right people.


Start the project

Once you’re confident with who to add to your team, we’ll make all necessary preparations to get you started with your remote DevOps team and get your project moving forward.

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