Nearshore Software Development

The demand for software is at an all-time high, yet there aren’t enough people with sufficient programming skills to fill the need. The war for talent is tougher than ever before; hence, salaries surge. That’s why more and more companies in the USA and Europe are using staff augmentation services and hiring remote developers to join their teams from abroad.

While saving money is probably the most important reason for IT outsourcing, choosing the right location for your remote development team can benefit your business in several other ways. If you’re based in Europe, it would make more sense to opt for nearshore staff augmentation and take a closer look at the Eastern European region as your outsourcing destination. Eastern European countries — particularly Poland, Romania, Ukraine, and Belarus — are ranked among the top 30 most attractive outsourcing destinations worldwide. Among them, Ukraine takes the lead in IT outsourcing. In 2019, the country moved up four positions and made it to top-20 most attractive outsourcing destinations worldwide according to the latest A.T Kearney Global Services Location Index report. While its CEE neighbors show a decline in the ranking, Ukraine is pulling ahead!

Hire in Ukraine Why choose nearshore development with Ukraine as your outsourcing destination?

There are several other compelling reasons for Europe-based companies to opt for nearshore development team in Ukraine. The country has a rich talent pool of skilled developers available on the job market, there are no great cultural differences, and communication is fast and efficient with only a few hours time difference and no language barriers.


Suitable time zone

One of the key benefits of nearshore custom software development is that your team will be close enough to communicate with you efficiently throughout the workday. Ukraine is just one hour ahead of most European countries and two hours ahead of London time. There’s a substantial business-day overlap between time zones, and you can quickly address any questions related to your project.


Cultural similarities

Nearshoring is a better option when it comes to cultural affinity. Nearshore outsourcing allows you to work with developers who understand your culture and have the same get-up-and-go attitude towards deadlines and goals. Ukrainian developers have a positive, result-oriented mindset and high responsibility. They’re open to feedback, ready to take challenges, and willing to share their experiences with their Western colleagues.


Short travel distance

Nearshoring provides for shorter travel times for onsite visits, making it much easier for teams to work together if needed. That said, Ukraine’s geographical location makes it easier for partners and teams to meet face-to-face with each other, and it will cost you less in terms of time and money than with most offshore firms outside the region. Most Ukrainian cities are just 2-3 direct flight hours away from major European capitals.


Cost efficiency

One of the primary reasons for hiring an augmented team in Ukraine is the price. Lower costs of living, cheap tech education, short travel distances, and a wide talent pool make operating a software development team in Ukraine a very cost-efficient choice for clients from Western Europe. Ukraine offers more competitive outsourcing rates paired with a much wider tech talent pool than its CEE counterparts.

What you get with UVIK

At UVIK, we provide the best talents customized to your budget requirements. Contact us to discuss the rates for our nearshore development services and see how we can help you with your project.

  • Get top tech talent

    Our employees are senior-level, top talent engineers with at least 5 years of experience across a broad portfolio of industries. You can feel free to conduct personal interviews and put our developers’ skills to a challenge to see if they’re a good match for your requirements.

  • Scale easily

    With UVIK, you can scale your team up and down whenever you need it, without sacrificing time or quality. You’ll get the exact skills and capacity you’ll need as your business grows or changes. Just let us know in advance, and we will make the arrangements.

  • Reduce development costs

    Having UVIK as your staff augmentation provider will cost you up to 60% less than hiring local in-house employees. Our outsourcing rates are considerably lower than those in Western Europe. We also take care of all administrative overheads — at no added cost.

  • Control your project

    At UVIK, we connect you directly with your remote team, without any costly intermediaries. Our developers will adapt to your management approach and you will have full control over each step of the development process, with daily standups, code reviews, and retrospectives.

  • Work more efficiently

    Our developers will communicate with you efficiently throughout the day thanks to shared working hours, flexible schedules, and high proficiency in English. We will make sure we understand your values and goals so you can get a quality product delivered in less time.

  • Control your budget

    At UVIK, you only pay for the actual hours each developer worked on your project. We give accurate time estimates and deliver timely results without overruns. You will be able to adjust employee capacity and the number of developers dedicated to your project whenever needed.

Great team players Hire top talent for Agile nearshore software development

We are a narrowly-specialized company with in-house developers who excel in one of the following technologies: Python, React, React Native, and DevOps.

Python Staff Augmentation

From prototypes and MVPs to full-blown custom projects – we can help you fill the demand for Python developers. Our engineers build secure software using scalable architectures and modern technologies.

React Staff Augmentation

Regardless of what you use on the backend, we can help you build the front-end of your web app using React. With our developers, you can build a website in record time both a small one or on a unicorn scale.

React Native Staff Augmentation

Write once, deploy twice – if this sounds like your type of project, we’ve got the resources to build it. Our React Native developers have experience in both web and mobile. Only imagine how much you can save with us!

DevOps Staff Augmentation

With our DevOps engineers, you get new features to market faster. We automate your software delivery pipeline, manage server infrastructure, provide monitoring, and even help you migrate to the cloud.

"Rock star developers..."

"We didn’t want to hire good developers but rather exceptional ones. UVIK are rock stars. That's what differentiates them from other teams. We work in software development and see many good developers but few exceptional ones."

CEO, Web Development Agency

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