Streaming Platform Development

for Enhanced Public Engagement in Norway
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About the Client
The client, a prominent Norwegian entity, aimed to enhance public engagement through a state-of-the-art streaming platform tailored to local preferences and language needs.
The client sought a dual-application streaming service specifically designed for the Norwegian market, addressing the gap in local language support and interactive features in existing streaming services.
Company Profile:
50 employees
Technology & Software Development
Media & Entertainment
The company specializes in delivering innovative digital solutions, focusing on creating highly customizable and scalable platforms for various markets.


The primary challenge was developing a user-friendly streaming platform that supported multiple camera angles and Norwegian language features, including speech-to-text services, which were lacking in current market offerings.
Streaming Platform Development
Streaming Technologies:
Bowza and OBS Studio were utilized for robust live streaming capabilities.
Backend Development:
The system was built on Python using FastAPI and SQLAlchemy, ensuring efficient data handling and application performance.
Cloud Hosting:
Azure cloud services hosted the application, leveraging Docker containers within Azure’s App Service for enhanced scalability and ease of deployment.

Technologies we used

OBS Studio
Python with FastAPI
Azure with App Service

Integrated Bowza

with OBS Studio to facilitate live streaming and management.

Developed the backend

using Python, FastAPI, and SQLAlchemy for robust, scalable application architecture.

Utilized Pydantic

for stringent data validation and PyTest for comprehensive testing to maintain high quality and reliability.

Deployed the solution on Azure

using Docker containers to facilitate quick scaling and updates.


While still in the beta phase, the platform has already started to reshape how Norwegian audiences interact with live events.
It has successfully filled a crucial market void by providing support for Norwegian speech-to-text services. The platform has attracted significant interest from potential clients and is set for a commercial launch, with future enhancements planned to broaden its capabilities.


The streaming platform project stands as a testament to the company’s expertise in creating specialized, market-driven solutions that not only meet but exceed client expectations. The success of this initiative promises to not only revolutionize event engagement in Norway but also set a benchmark for future streaming services in the region.

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